Born out of a chance meeting at a gypsy jazz jam in Bradford on Avon the Water Gypsies play the music of Django Reinhardt in their own joyful and exuberant style. They live and travel on traditional narrowboats, playing their unique version of gypsy jazz along The Kennet And Avon Canal. Their combined talents are formidable, all having performed across the UK and Europe.

Gina Griffin – Violin

20170612-IMG_9751Gina has been a performing and recording violinist all her life. She has played in many settings including working for several years at a Bal Musette in France. Her playing is influenced by the greats, Stuff Smith and Stephane Grapelli but her sound is entirely her own. Her playing is exciting, expressive and emotionally charged, she blends the sound of her violin and voice to create her own unique and beautiful sound.

Nipper Lewis – Rhythm Guitar and Vocals

20170612-IMG_9762Nipper has been a performing musician and music teacher for nearly 30 years and brings a wealth of experience to the band. He is primarily known as a ukulele player having performed at top UK festivals and published instructional books. His rhythm guitar sound comes from a love of 1920s and 30s recordings and he uses a 1931 National Tenor Guitar to create a truly vintage sound. He lives aboard his trad narrowboat on the kennet and Avon Canal.

Ian Turner – Double Bass

20170612-IMG_9737Ian Turner has played bass with many great musicians including John Etheridge and Geoff Barnhart. He was the bass player for influential UK gypsy jazz band Shine and toured the UK and Europe with the band. Ian is the spirit of the Water Gypsies, having lived on boats for many years. His bass playing is the solid underpinning of the bands sound, his rhythmic drive pushing the arrangements to new highs.

Clive Radford – National M2 Guitar


Clive has played in many bands over the last 20 years but he is now returning to his first love of jazz guitar. For this project he has chosen to play a National M2 Guitar fully exploiting it’s unique tone. His outstanding playing places him as one of the top soloists working in the UK today. He is able to thrill audiences with his mastery of the instrument and his emotion filled solos.